Red Carrot

Best Quality Seeds(F1 Hybrid)

Flavor: Crisp, fresh carrot taste.

Preparation Ideas: Roast these carrots in olive oil for a nice addition to your meal.

Plant Type: Vegetable

Pelleted Seed Count: 250 Pelleted Seeds

Grows Best In: Full Sun

Days to Germination: Danvers Carrots seeds typically germinate in 8-12 days.

Days to Maturity: 75 Days

Growth Type: Root

Planting Depth: .25-.5″

Seed Spacing: Sow Danvers Carrots seeds roughly 3″ apart in rows.

Best Container Size: 12″+

Instructions: In full sun and well-drained soil, sow 4 Danvers Carrots seeds per inch in a row. Cover the seeds firmly with soil. When the plants are 2″ tall, thin to 3″ apart in the row. For fresh carrots all season, plant every 3 weeks until 75 days before the first fall frost.

Suggestions: Too much water can cause carrots to crack. They should be kept weeded (a clean mulch can reduce this job). Also, lightly place soil over exposed roots to prevent cracking.

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