Red Cabbage

Best Quality Seeds(F1 Hybrid)

Huge, extra-firm heads form in a nest of giant leaves that spread up to 4′. Sow cabbage seeds in early spring in moist, rich soil. Cabbage is a cool weather vegetable loaded with many essential nutrients, and this variety is great for winter storage, kraut, and slaw!


Flavor: Strong cabbage flavor.

Preparation Ideas: Great for sauerkraut and coleslaw.

Plant Type: Vegetable

Fill Weight (grams): 0.15

Grows Best In: Full Sun

Days to Germination: 6-10 Days

Days to Maturity: 105 Days

Planting Depth: .25-.5″

Seed Spacing: Sow Garden Leader Monster Cabbage seeds roughly 3′-5′ apart in rows.

Instructions: Start Garden Leader Monster Cabbage seeds indoors 6 weeks before the last killing frost in spring. When 4″ tall, transplant outside. Or, sow directly outdoors when the danger of frost is well over. Place 2-3 seeds together every 1.5′. Thin to one plant every 1.5′ when seedlings are 2″ tall.

Suggestions: Plant cabbage near tomatoes and/or celery to help repel cabbage worms. Small collars placed around young plants deter cutworms.


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